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Symbols library

The symbols library is installed in folder "My Documents/ProfiCAD Library". It is recommended to move the library to a directory which is backed up regularly. You can do that in the program settings (F12 - Paths).

The symbols are organized in PPD files in groups (directories). Symbol group names must not contain restricted characters \ / : * ? " < > | and must not start with the _ character.

If you need to reorganize the groups, you can use any file manager, such as Windows Commander, Total Commander, Windows Explorer, etc.

How to create a group

Create a directory in the library.

How to rename a group

Rename a directory in the library.

How to delete a group

Delete a directory in the library.

electrical symbols library

The library contains a several directories beginning with the "_" symbol, which have a special purpose:

_TB: Used to store title blocks (files with .ptb extension)

_LIN: Used to store the definition of lines (files with .lin extension)

_CONF: additional information, such as the default attributes of symbols